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Student Fume Cupboards

A fully specified yet economical bypass design fume cupboard, of shallow depth to suit standard school joinery, External 1200mm wide x 620mm deep x 1210 mm high.

The Student fume cupboard is distinguished by a shaped spring fit baffle with slots to balance airflow right to the rear of the fume chamber; slim front pillars; and sash counterweight housed behind the rear baffle.

Packaged with a unique in-line centrifugal fan. The Fumeflow TD250 mounts directly on the duct, eliminating platforms and bends.

Complies with AS/NZS 2243.8:2014

Student 101 Fume Cupboards

Complies with AS/NZS 2243.8:2014

The Student 101 answers the challenge “to produce the goods at half the price”, especially for pacific island schools.

It is a basic entry level fume cupboard, providing measurable performance and compliance with Standards, as affordably as possible.

It is an economical bypass design, one metre wide, and 620mm depth to suit standard school joinery.

Nevertheless, it is made with traditional materials and profiles, and proven construction methods. Check out the Features here

The Student 101 is paired with a completely new centrifugal fan, Fumeflow 101

Smoothflow Fume Cupboards

A fully specified fume cupboard design with bypass grille above sash opening. As the sash is lowered, the sash “opens” the bypass grille. More air enters through the high level bypass. Less air flows through the sash opening. High face velocities are avoided.

The Smoothflow profile has been improved through aerodynamic smoke testing. Changes to the grille, roof profile, and baffles, produce a controlled wash of clean air behind the sash.

All servicing is accessible from above or within the fume chamber. Smoothflow Fume Cupboards can be installed side by side

Sashdrive Energy Efficient Fume Cupboards

An elite fume cupboard design in which the sash position is measured and used to regulate the exhaust fan speed.

This creates State of Art Airflow in the work space because there is no bypass (secondary air inlet) above the sash, and therefore no internal vortex when two airstreams join together. A vortex is really contaminated air re-circulating inside the fume chamber, and it can be displaced back into the laboratory by room turbulence.

In SashDrive fume cupboards the monolithic air flow inside the fume chamber approaches ideal laminar conditions. Fumes are conveyed along the most direct path to the exhaust duct. Fume containment is enhanced.

It is safe and desirable to work with the sash lowered. Under these conditions, SashDrive fume cupboards exhaust less air volume from the laboratory. The laboratory air contains energy for heating or cooling. At reduced volume flow, energy losses are reduced.

Sashdrive fume cupboards can pay for themselves by saving up to 80% of lost heating energy.